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They have a very unique taste that delays when it hits then it's like all at once almost like chocolate

on April 7, 2015
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Cleaned out the inventory due to the civil war in Yemen. It’s a shame too because the businessman who own his own review to market is product has probably lost everything. It first got my attention when a friend directed me to coffee bean direct and I bought some Ethiopian beans there, then I noticed on the site the Yemen stash was gone and I went to Amazon and ordered some last week.

Came to my house and I finished the Ethiopian I was eager to dive in for a taste. First taste was yesterday AM with two cups. First observation is the small size of these beans, I have never seen any this small. They have a very unique taste that delays when it hits then it's like all at once almost like chocolate.

But the final kicker is the higher caffeine content and the jolt. The last time I experienced these higher levels was from a local seller I bought from in a supermarket it was from Uganda or Tanzania 20 bucks a lb and in extremely short supply. When it was gone I never saw it again, and never had those jolts.

Yes, I've also purchased the more expensive coffee bean direct Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Roasters Kona (French press was superior but set up and clean up times are an issue unless someone else is making them or its weekend). The Blue Mountain was 45 bucks and Kona went up to 35 bucks for 10 ounces on Amazon now. The Yemen coffee is now the best with all other elements factored in, and I also had to work with Arabs in a UN peacekeeping mission and boy do they know coffee- most consumers may be affected by all the negative Arab press and Zionist fear mongering editorial pieces that dominate our culture- not me though.

Cost me like 200 bucks for the lot but now it's all gone and I have peace of mind.
on March 11, 2014
I read the 1st review from Anda, the founder. I'm also ex- military and am well aware of the plight of war and what is does to local economies and the people. Sad stuff that.
As far as the coffee goes, I was a bit hesitant when I opened the bag. It took a few seconds for the aroma to slip out and climb up my nose. Very pleasant but subdued. The beans seemed a bit dry, there was a bit of oil but not a lot. During the grind is when it hit me. The scent of that bean jumped out. I was very surprised when I had the first sip. I'd had nothing to really compare it to. There are other coffees, Ethiopian and some other African stuff with similar type of taste but this was unique, singular.
I'm on the notify list when there's more. Probably should have bought more than one bag damn it.
Very excellent job. Will bring to work and see what the other Civic Coffee Club guys think.
on February 25, 2014
I recently received my order through amazon and I am loving this coffee!!! The shipment process was quick and easy and this was some of the freshest coffee I've ever had! The flavor is so unique it's difficult to describe. It's a dark roast but not your typical dark roast. It's almost as if its got undertones of chocolate in it without being overly sweet like a fancy barista drink. I will definitely be ordering more of this roast!


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Anda Greeney
Anda Greeney