Our greatest need of volunteers is stepping forward and voting with your wallet. Here are six easy steps:




Now that you have coffee on the way and are following us, the sixth step is please email three coffee friends and tell them to check-out our website.

Email three friends

Cut and paste: Hey! Checkout this amazing coffee company, Al Mokha. They only source coffee from Yemen, where, believe it or not, coffee drinking started. It's the World's First Coffee™ and amazingly delicious. Bunch of Harvard Students. It probably makes you smarter too :) www.almokha.com


Thank You

The reality is we have had difficulty translating the good intentions of so many supporters into action that translates into our business scaling. I know many volunteers want to support us in any way and have generously offered much in the way of feedback and advice. That overwhelming generosity has inspired us to work even harder.

Now that you have inspired us, the next step is action. For that reason we have these six concrete ways that you can create impact immediately.

Of course I would love to be in touch with you so please keep the emails coming but also vote with your wallet. That action will change the world.

Our big ticket needs:
  1. From a lawyer, CPA; graphic designer, or videographer: donation of 10-hour engagement agreement
  2. Mentorship from a business person who has bootstrapped to a $10 million+ exit
  3. Mentorship from an e-commerce entrepreneur who has bootstrapped to $1 million+ annual sales
  4. An office in DC with subsidized rent
  5. An individual or syndicate of philanthropic investors with $5000 to lead a $50,000 philanthropic seed round.


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