Limited Edition: Matari Mountain

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Limited Edition coffees are those that are available sporadically and for fewer than four weeks.

It's back! And available until it runs out in mid November.

Matari Mountain Light-Med roast: This coffee is not to be missed if you like a lighter roast.

Tasting notes: Red grape acidity, sweetly perfumed and syrupy smooth body. It's multi-layered and complex, with notes of raisins, prune, cherries, and more. The complexity comes together and is surprisingly redolent of Crème brûlée.

If you're not familiar with the origin, understand that the Bani Matar region is the most famous in all of Yemen. It has the highest altitude and is known for such intensity and complexity. Additionally, this crop year was particularly propitious, with just the right amount of rain. It's no surprise that the folks at CoffeeReview scored this a 93. Here's your chance to try something truly special. Read more here.

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