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Sourced from the Haraaz Mountains, Yemen:

LIGHT roast / Haraaz Region: Traditional flavors and rustic intensity, with notes of dried citrus.

MED-DARK roast / Haraaz Region: Tantalizing flavor, with dry cocoa turned up to maximum, and roasty deliciousness that dances across the pallet. (In between a Medium and a Dark roast.)

EXTRA-DARK roast / Haraaz Region: We've taken our usual dark roast, but gone even darker. Expect a more punchy, full-throated, extra-dark flavor. (In comparison to the usual Dark roast, the intensity is higher and the creaminess is lower.)


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MEDIUM roast / Haraaz Region: Classic and traditional flavors, with a dash of rustic, roasty, and dried citrus deliciousness. Sourced from the Haraaz Mountains, Yemen.
DARK roast / Haraaz Region: Big chocolate flavor, packed into a smooth, intense, classic Yemen profile. From the Haraaz Mountains, Yemen.)

HARAAZ is one of the most famous coffee regions of Yemen.

  • Haraaz is nestled east–west between the Bura and Hayma regions; and north–south between Hajjah and Raymah.
  • If you can imagine a quintessential or signature Yemen flavor, the result would be akin to Haraazi coffee: traditional and rustic, but not overly so; a bit dry, tannic, mocha, and/or winey, but not overly so; and balanced, even keeled, and familiar.
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