Putting Extremism Out of Business

Infographic explaining Yemen's coffee supply chain


Optimistic Coffee Farmers in Yemen
Creating Jobs in Yemen

We believe that coffee farming can serve as a productive alternative to political violence.

Hand Peace Sign Painted with Yemen's Flag
Making America Safer

Economic growth in Yemen creates stability and security. Thus, coffee is an alternative to U.S. military intervention.

Infographic Yemen: coffee, national security, international development

Public Benefit Corporation

By leveraging the power of markets, we can change the world.



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Harvard Extension Logo CrestCaffeinated Development: Student's Startup Promotes Growth, Stability in Yemen

 "Anda Greeney, a graduate of Wesleyan University who served in Air Force military intelligence, has found a path toward a career in entrepreneurship and international development at Harvard Extension School.

Anda Greeney sells coffee. But he’s not exactly a barista. He founded Al Mokha, a startup aimed at promoting growth and stability in Yemen by providing a market for Yemeni coffee in the United States." continue here



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Anda Greeney

Founder & Executive Director

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Ashley Elsensohn

MD/MPH student, University of Utah and Harvard School of Public Health

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Yasmin Chebbi

Student, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

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Edward Kenney

Student, American University Washington School of Law



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