Our Mission: Investing in the Future

Optimistic Coffee Farmers in Yemen

Creating Jobs in Yemen

We believe that coffee farming can create economic growth and help put extremism out of business.

Making the World Safer

Economic growth in Yemen encourages stability and security. Coffee is a foreign policy alternative to military intervention.

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Is International Development Broken?

(A letter from the owner)

Friends! So excited to have you. Anda here, the owner. I'm the guy that packs your order, handwrites you a note, and keeps the coffee flowing.

Let's dive right in—what is Al Mokha all about?

The idea is pretty simply, but the execution is the billion-dollar challenge. Quite simply we know that Yemen has amazing coffee. Here's one of our reviews: Best coffee I've ever had and I've been drinking coffee for half a century. I don't normally leave "online" reviews. The challenge is how can a great product have a billion-dollar impact?

From day one—a decade ago—the startup idea has remained exactly the same: find a business opportunity in a place sturggling economically, where the United States has a strategic interest. Business can be international development, and foreign policy too.

That decade ago, March 2010, I was reading William Easterly's White Man's Burden. It's the intellectual foundation of this company. I was in between training modules while an Air Force Lieutenant at Air and Space Basic Course. The book just made sense. Rather than plan the best of solutions, you have to give space for experimentation, failure, and only ocassionaly success.

Al Mokha, at the extreme, is absolutely a development company but absolutely NOT a coffee company. By this I mean we focus on coffee, only if it works. It works if I can sell you a bag of coffee at a price that justifies growing and sourcing more coffee. This is obvious, but it absolutely separates Al Mokha from other companies working in Yemeni coffee.

Other companies source coffee from farmers and speak of those farmers earning twice or thrice their previous wages. This sounds amazing. But what if coffee should fail? What if the coffee quality does NOT justify the price. Then you've propped up an industry where maybe you should have looked elsewhere for a billion-dollar opportunity.That's the point of Al Mokha. HUGE impact.

So we're in the business of economic growth, and if we're good at our job, you'll see a macro-economic impact. Yes, it's ridiculously ambitious, but that's the point.

Also, in my idealism, I want something that Democrats and Republicans can agree on. Al Mokha can be loosy-goosy development and or it can be surgical foreign policy intervention, and an alternative to boots on the ground.

I'm the kind of guy that when I mention I was in the Air Force, people are super confused. It's totally not my vibe, but I love a good surpise.

So that's the Al Mokha origin story.

The company has gone through a number of iterations since getting started. When I say international development is experimentation and failure, a startup is no different.

We were hot out of the gate with a team of ten people and now it's just me, full-time, running things like a one-man shop.

If you need anything, let me know.

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Cheers, Anda

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Al Mokha is an international development startup, with coffee our avenue of impact.

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