Grind: Select whole bean or pre-ground on product page. Our pre-ground is to a medium grind standard, which is versatile for all home brewing from French Press (3 minute immersion), to drip to espresso (tamp in basket with extra pressure). If you don't have a home grinder buy this manual grinder or this electric grinder. Never look back from your coffee nirvana.

Returns: Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not happy, please let us know within 30 days of order for a prompt refund.

For orders greater than one bag of coffee, we may require you to return these items unopened (return shipping at your expense).

Roasting: We meticulously roast in 18-lb micro-batches with a local partner in Virginia that has expertise stretching back 100 years.

Shipping (Worldwide!): 

  • United States: Starts at $2.95 for one bag of coffee and goes down to $0.99/unit ($9.90) for 12 bags.
# of bags 1 - 2 3 4 - 5 6+ email info@almokha.com for rate
Canada $15.23 $23.87 $34.99 (6 bags is $40 - $48; 12 bags is $52- $63; 24 bags is $84 - $107; 36 bags is $97 - $136
Rest of World (USD) $23.55 $33.55 $49.87 6 bags is $53 - $65; 12 bags is $67 - $92; 24 bags is $92 - $148; 36 bags is $117 - $203


Sourcing: We purchase Yemeni Mokha from a range of major and minor coffee exporters, rewarding business practices that strengthen Yemen's economy.

Stability Certified: This is our in-house certification that connects our coffees and mission. To authentic our coffee's origin we leverage the expertise of World Coffee Research and a near infrared spectroscopy model. To authentic our impact we leverage cutting-edge economic modeling that captures second and third order effects and exogenous shock within our report card.

Tasting Notes: All of our Mokha come from sundried heirloom arabica varietals. This processing method has been practiced for five centuries, giving Yemeni coffees their unique wild and winey vibrancy.