Commodity Burlap Coffee Sack

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This is the real deal, straight from Yemen. We buy our coffee in 60 and 64 kg sacks. The empty burlap sacks are great for all sorts of projects, whether that's framed art, a Christmas tree skirt, or upholstery for a bench. They measure at least 2'x3'.


Basic Sack you get a lot:

  1. One cool (empty, 60–64 kg) coffee sack with English and Arabic commodity notations. Bag may have a ~12" - 24" slash on one side. That's how we get the green coffee out for roasting. (Trying to muscle an amorphous 140 lb sack upright aint good for the back.) You'll find random green beans in the bottom.
  2. A bonus, extremely basic (empty) burlap commodity sack with minimal notation. Only some coffee comes in super cool bags. Will probably also have a slash and a few green beans too.
  3. Two roasted coffee samples, relevant to the sacks your purchased
  4. An awesome letter from Al Mokha's owner, Anda. The letter will tell the story of your sacks and how the coffee samples are directly related.

10 Sacks:

  • You get 10 basic sacks, like described above. Half will be extremely basic, the other half a bit fancier. It will be a nice variety of regions, styles, and exporters. We're rebalancing inventory levels and have just 5 sets for sale.

Framed Sack, you get everything above plus: We custom frame the sack for you. (about 26" x 34") in a selection of hardwood frames. We'll reach out to arrange the details.

  • You also get 4 x 12 oz bags of coffee, 4 x mugs, and 11 x Yemen art greeting cards


Special requests? Shoot us an email or put them in the order notes. Sacks pictured are examples but what you get depends on what we have available.


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