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Bursting with flavor and telling an incredible story. If you want to truly understand Yemeni coffee, then you need a bag of Yemeni light (12 oz bag).

    • One of our owner's favorite coffees.
    • Brew tip: Use water well off-boil (~195 °F / ~5 minutes off-boil). This is a delicate coffee!
    • Tasting notes: It's delicious & straightforward, and arguably subtle & restrained. There are the usual notes of citrus, tart cherry, and a rustic, winey/tannic mouthfeel. It's like our microlot but with the volume turned down. If you want Yemeni coffee without the bells and whistles, this is it. These are the famed, old-world production techniques.
    • Get 2 oz sample
    • When you open the bag you'll be greeted by small, irregular heirloom beans. They're not the most well sorted and the color is mottled; but what it lacks in uniformity it upgrades in flavor.
    • The beans are grown in Yemen's mountainous west at 1500 - 2100 meters. A network of small holder producers meticulously grow and harvest this heirloom coffee by hand, and dry it in the sun. It is then carefully milled and packaged for export.
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