Green Yemeni Coffee

Yemeni Origin

Note: Green Coffee will ship to you in mid-January. If you're desperate, drop us an email. We can take care of you.

Try you hand at home roasting our Yemeni coffee. While we specialize in selling roasted coffee we are happy to share some of our stock with those of you that like the sound of first crack (and maybe second crack) at home.

  • Ships in 1 lb increments with 15 oz of green coffee per unit
  • Get 2 oz roasted sample (compare our roast to your)
Our Yemeni is our flagship coffee sourced for consistency from year to year
  • Heirloom varietals from Yemen's western highlands, 1900 - 2600 meters altitude.
  • Small-holder farmers
  • Naturally processed
    Our Reserve Al Ghayoul microlot come from a small community in the mountains of the Hajja Governorate (annual production 6 - 7 tons)


        As a green coffee, understand that Yemen's is not the typical lot of consistent beans that are identical from shipping container to shipping container. Rather, Yemen's coffee lacks such aesthetic uniformity and instead has a beauty of its own: the beans are smaller and varied in size. This showcases their authenticity, old-world cultivation, and natural processing of 10 - 20 days drying in the sun after harvest.

        The magic of Yemen is not the volume of consistent coffee over time but rather the story that each batch and each harvest tells. In Yemen there are 100,000 farmers producing on average 115 kg of coffee annually per farmer. These are backyard, terraced gardens on Yemen's steep mountain slopes. When you roast and enjoy this coffee you will inevitably appreciate and understand the incredible process that brought this coffee from farmer to your cup.

         Veteran-owned small business     Washington, DC    S Stability Certified

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