Green Coffee

Yemeni Origin

Try your hand at home roasting our Yemeni coffee. While we specialize in selling roasted coffee we are happy to share some of our stock with those of you that like the sound of first crack (and maybe second crack) at home.

    • Ships in 1 lb increments with 15 oz of green coffee per unit
    • Buy a 2 oz roasted sample to compare
    • Wholesale information at bottom


Our Yemeni is our flagship coffee sourced for consistency from year to year. 
    • Heirloom varietals from Yemen's western highlands, 1900 - 2600 meters altitude.
    • Small-holder farmers
    • Naturally processed

Our Matari regional lot comes from the Bani Matar mountains outside of Sana'a.

  • This Matari lot requires de-gassing and changes significantly five days after roasting. The difference in the cup after de-gassing cannot be overemphasized. (—Coffee mill & our staff)

From the mill: "This Matari lot is sourced from the famed Bani Matar district of Sana’a. Is it comprised of many lots mostly grown by small holder farmers. Yemen coffee varietals are often classified simply as “heirloom” but the primary varietals represented in this regional lot are varietals know locally as “Udainy” and “Dawi’ry.” Elevation is 1,775-1,950 MASL and the selection process for this coffee is based exclusively on cup quality."

Our Haraaz 10 and Haraaz 1000 (cooperative) coffee comes from a coffee cooperative in the famed Haraaz mountains.

In the cooperative farmers are paid fair wages, and have to a great extent ripped up their qat plants (a mild narcotic) and replaced them with coffee. This reflects the changing economy of coffee production. Whereas qat is a cash crop, with the right incentives coffee is a much better option. In this co-op the farmers and exporter work closely together. Based on this relationship built on trust, continuing training / support, and better wages, these farmers have made an economic decision that coffee is a better crop for their livelihood. We look forward to sourcing from the Haraaz cooperative for decades.

From the cooperative: "The Haraaz 10 is the coffee purchased as dried coffee cherries from farmers in Haraaz. This coffee is purchased from farmers registered in our traceable coffee sourcing program, assuring us the collection of current year crop. However, the coffee is dried by farmers and we have no control over the drying process. On the other hand, ‘Haraaz-100 is coffee purchased from farmers registered in our traceable coffee sourcing program that is collected in the form of freshly harvested coffee cherries and dried in our collection centers under supervised conditions. Finally, Haraaz 1000 is sorted from good lots of Haraaz-Fresh that contain a major ratio of ripe red cherries, exhibiting its full potential of ripeness and syrupiness in the cup."


    General Info: As a green coffee, understand that Yemen's is not the typical lot of consistent beans that are identical from shipping container to shipping container. Rather, Yemen's coffee lacks such aesthetic uniformity and instead has a beauty of its own: the beans are smaller and varied in size. This showcases their authenticity, old-world cultivation, and natural processing of 10 - 20 days drying in the sun after harvest.

    The magic of Yemen is not the volume of consistent coffee over time but rather the story that each batch and each harvest tells. In Yemen there are 100,000 farmers producing on average 115 kg of coffee annually per farmer. These are backyard, terraced gardens on Yemen's steep mountain slopes. When you roast and enjoy this coffee you will inevitably appreciate and understand the incredible process that brought this coffee from farmer to your cup.

    Wholesale: For 10 - 50 lbs green call or email our coffee broker with exact quantity and your shipping address. Volume discount: 10% (10-20 lbs) & 20% (21 - 50 lbs). We will send you an invoice.

     Veteran-owned small business     Washington, DC    S Stability Certified

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