Haima Region (Light)

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You are viewing an archived product page. We will carry Haima Region again in 2024 or 2025.


We don't carry the Haima region often, but we have carried it over the years.

  • The Haima coffee region is nestled between the (Bani) Matari and Haraaz regions (starred on map picture).

LIGHT roast / Haima Region: Nutty, mild, and a particular warmth of flavor. Traditional Yemen character, but from a new vantage point.

MEDIUM roast / Haima Region: Nutty, round, toasty and mild. An enjoyable Yemen coffee, down to the very last drop.

DARK roast / Haima Region: Big flavor, chocolate, roasty, and toasty. A delicious dark roast, plain and simple.


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