Pearls of Al Qafr (Light, Med or Dark)

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The Pearls of Al Qafr is a longtime customer favorite (especially as a dark roast).

At lighter roasts, it has hints of Yemen's traditional wine-like ferment (a fruity, raspberry flavor); and at darker roasts, this ferment evolves into intense smoothness and creaminess.

  • Sourced from the Al Qafr District, Ibb Governorate, Yemen.


LIGHT-MED roast / Pearls of AL Qafr: A bold, rich, and traditional light roast, with Yemen's famous winey/ferment.

  • A harmony of flavor—and unlike other Yemeni regions—no single flavor dominates: e.g. strong cherry (Matari region), dry citrus (Haraaz region).

MEDIUM roast / Pearls of AL Qafr: Subtle yet strong; rustic and winey; potent. Lightly fermenty, and deeply traditional.

DARK roast / Pearls of Al Qafr: An intensely smooth and creamy dark roast. An all-time customer favorite.


Here's the Pearl of Tehama (our old school exporting partner) talking about these farmers:

We feel that fields of coffee farmers are our own, and we are benefiting from every individual farmer’s effort in his field. They are not only a source of coffee beans, but also our mutual success. Therefore, we are trying to provide them with any possible assistance, either directly or indirectly.

Our Coffee trade company assists the coffee growing communities through many activities and projects. We help the needy people and distribute gifts during our community common festivals, provide material and technical assistance to farmers and give small interest-free loans to be recovered after harvesting. We are currently building a large nursery for the production of quality certified coffee. Upon completion, it will consist of ten 360m2 greenhouses.

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