Raymah Mountains (Light roast)

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This is the first time we've carried coffee from the Raymah Mountains—and we couldn't be happier. Drink up! (12 oz bags.)

  • The Raymah Mountains are the highland terrain of the Raymah Governorate, and it is southwest of the well-known regions of Haraaz, Bani Matari, and Hajjah.
  • It's a classic, dry Yemen flavor, e.g. rather different than Pearls of Hajjah, which has winey, raspberry and ferment notes.

LIGHT roast / Raymah Mountains: Smooth, mild, nutty, and pleasing. A classic Yemen.

MEDIUM roast / Raymah Mountains: Smooth, toasty, nutty, and pleasing. A classic Yemen..

DARK roast / Raymah Mountains: An intense, bold, and full-bodied dark roast. A new coffee experience from Yemen's Raymah Governorate.


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