Yemeni Reserve

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Whole Bean
Our Top-Shelf Coffee roasted to an Indulgent Medium and Dark
    • What happens when you take our light, reserve coffee and ease the roast profile out longer and hotter? You get a medium and dark coffee that's unlike anything we've offered before. The natural Yemeni brightness is brighter and the boldness is bolder. If you're looking to treat yourself, look no further.
    • Get 2 oz sample
    • Our Yemeni Reserve is sourced directly from Yemen's Bani Matar region, the country's most prestigious origin.
    • Heirloom coffee plants from old stock mean mean these beans are small but bursting with flavor
    • Small-holder farmers grow the coffee between 2000 - 2500 meters and harvest the coffee fruit at peak ripeness. The fruit is sun-dried and then sent for milling.

 Veteran-owned small business     Washington, DC    S Stability Certified

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