Yemeni Reserve Malala Ismaeli

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Congrats! We just launched this new Microlot and it's available for immediate purchase. Tasting notes will be finalized in 3 - 5 days (Monday, July 24) once coffee settles down and mellows out. At the moment it's young and obstreperous--just what we want from that special origin known as Yemen.

Initial notes on the medium: Toasted almonds, bitter orange/tangerine twist, natural sweetness, powder cocoa in mouthfeel and flavor. Tart cherry as it cools and a remarkable evolving flavor. Much to discover as it changes from hot to warm to cool coffee. It's so different you could mistake each stage for an entirely different coffee.

Malala Ismaeli: This microlot comes from the small Malala valley in the larger and famous Ismaeli coffee region. (annual production 3 - 5 tons)

From the coffee mill: "This small valley in the well-known Bani Ismail region offers a very unique Yemen coffee. One of the reasons for its uniqueness is the rarity of the predominate varietal in the Malala Valley. It is a sub-varietal of one of the traditional Yemen varieties but throughout the centuries it has adapted to the harsh land and climate of Bani Ismail - and currently it is cultivated exclusively in the Bani Ismail area. At Rayyan we love this coffee not just for its uniqueness and what it offers in the cup but also because we have been exporting Malala since our first year in operation! Annual production is three to five tons."

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Notes on former Al Wudiyan Microlot:

Our Top-Shelf Coffee roasted to an Indulgent Medium and Dark

      • What happens when you take our Al-Wudiyan light, reserve coffee and ease the roast profile out longer and hotter? You get a medium-blond and dark coffee that's unlike anything we've offered before. The natural Yemeni brightness is brighter and the boldness is bolder. If you're looking to treat yourself, look no further.
      • Get 2 oz sample
  1. Medium Blond: It's that sweet spot between light and medium. In this roast we turned down the volume on the Al-Wudiyan to make a coffee that's exciting but more restrained. You take a sip and you feel the juicy yet dry & tannic structure spreading left and right across the tongue. There are all the classic Yemeni notes of citrus and fermented fruit, but with a more pronounced and pleasing acidity best described as tart cherry. It's not light, it's not medium. It defies convention.
  2. Dark: It's indulgent and bold but also warm and inviting. Its richness comes from a harmony of deep caramelized notes running the gamut from cocoa to cedar to slightly candied plum. This is a complex dark with much to discover. Obviously we love it.

    Al-Wudiyan: This microlot comes from a large, remote valley in the Hajja Governorate. (annual production 15 tons)

    From the coffee mill: "We began sourcing this lot from a very large, remote valley in the Hajja mountains this year. We have heard of this valley for two years now but it is quite difficult to access. This year one of the farmers from Al-Ghayoul whose wife is originally from this valley introduced us to their relatives who also farm coffee. Clearly we are just beginning our relationship with the communities in this valley but hope that one day they too will be open to new pruning, harvesting and drying methods. Given the size of the valley and the quality of the coffee throughout, we expect to see production of over 15 tons and hope to break this down into smaller lots in the future. It is the most balanced special lot we offer and we drink it often as a pourover at the mill."

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