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Luxurious greeting cards featuring 11 paintings by Mazher Nizar

  • 5" x 7" folded (10"x7" unfolded). Printed on thick, tactile premium paper and includes kraft paper envelope.
  • Images have caption overlays
  • Suitable for framing

You can buy the original paintings (and reproductions) here.

Watch the artist, Mazher Nizar, narrating these 11 paintings.

Description of Images

Watercolor 1: Busy market by Bakiriyya mosque, Sana'a, Yemen. (Mazer Nizar, 2019. 22" x 16.5")

Watercolor 2: Sana'a streetscape. Woman with red dress going to market to sell bread. Man going back home with qat. (Mazer Nizar, 2019. 16.5" x 22")

Watercolor 3: Sana'a streetscape. Woman going to meet a neighbor and child about to play with friends. Colorful coffered door on right side a notable architectural element. "...iron doors cost much less than wooden carved doors these economic problems [owners] are satisfied with colored iron doors." –Mazher (Mazer Nizar, 2019. 16.5" x 22")

Acrylic 1: Light and and shade playing in a Sana'a lane, with minarets and Bakiriyya mosque in background. (Mazher Nizar, 2019. 25" x 31")

Acrylic 2: Classic Sanani architecture of brick home with intricate white design. Mother and daughter walk in their neighborhood. Green shutters on adjacent home a surprising decorative choice. (Mazher Nizar, 2019. 27" x 27")

Acrylic 3: Sana'a highlands architecture and cityscape, with sayla (seasonal water channel) in the foreground. (Mazher Nizar, 2019. 28" x 21.5")

Watercolor 4: Beautiful view of a Sana'a lane with small shops, girl with mother, and minaret. (Mazher Nizar, 2020. 19" x 14")

Watercolor 5: The daily trip home from the market, Sana'a, Yemen. (Mazher Nizar, 2019. 14" x 19")

Abstract 1: Queen of Sheba with wings and flower of hope, with historical monuments. (Mazher Nizar, 2015. Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 16")

Abstract 2: Profile of Queen of Sheba with moon. (Mazher Nizar, 2014. Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 16")

Abstract 3: Queen of Sheba with small bird in her hand and fragments on her body. Gold relief, mixed media. (Mazher Nizar, 2019. 13.5" x 19.5")

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Bethany R.
United States United States
Beautiful cards

I love this company and am so happy with the card I ordered. They even sent me some extra cards they had printed

United States United States
Billion and Billion

So not only coffee apparently, but brilliant scenes of local realism like those painted by Yemeni artist Mazher Nizar, perhaps coupled with other such aesthetic and mercantile crafts/products from local artisans, indeed could prove to be an additional billion dollar plus opportunity for sustainable stability and prosperity in the apex of all gateways to the Arabian Peninsula (Jazira Al-'Arabiyya). Thanks to the persistence and vision of folks like Anda and company at Al-Mokha, there is without a doubt potential here for greater variety and exposure of the possibilities for embetterment that can and should be available to the average Yemeni if properly channeled and promoted. The cards themselves are composed of top quality paper, and are relatively affordable proportionate to the original and reproduction full size options. As a whole these are superb, and I hope to see further items of this caliber readily available beyond the basic coffee trade.


I know Anda, he showed me the reprints, I thought they were the real thing even though some of the colors don’t match perfectly with the originals they are beautiful. Anda is modest in his email saying they are just gorgeous, in my opinion the original paintings and the reprints are absolutely marvelous! I spent over an hour in choosing three greeting cards, and loved them all. The paper quality of the cards and the envelopes give the best vibes for a card. Anda ended up giving me the cards for free after seeing how much I likes them. You definitely can’t go wrong with any of them.

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