Yemeni Art Greeting Cards

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Luxurious greeting cards featuring 11 paintings by Mazher Nizar

  • 5" x 7" folded (10"x7" unfolded). Printed on thick, tactile premium paper and includes kraft paper envelope.
  • Images have caption overlays
  • Suitable for framing

You can buy the original paintings (and reproductions) here.

Watch the artist, Mazher Nizar, narrating these 11 paintings.

Description of Images

Watercolor 1: Busy market by Bakiriyya mosque, Sana'a, Yemen. (Mazer Nizar, 2019. 22" x 16.5")

Watercolor 2: Sana'a streetscape. Woman with red dress going to market to sell bread. Man going back home with qat. (Mazer Nizar, 2019. 16.5" x 22")

Watercolor 3: Sana'a streetscape. Woman going to meet a neighbor and child about to play with friends. Colorful coffered door on right side a notable architectural element. "...iron doors cost much less than wooden carved doors these economic problems [owners] are satisfied with colored iron doors." –Mazher (Mazer Nizar, 2019. 16.5" x 22")

Acrylic 1: Light and and shade playing in a Sana'a lane, with minarets and Bakiriyya mosque in background. (Mazher Nizar, 2019. 25" x 31")

Acrylic 2: Classic Sanani architecture of brick home with intricate white design. Mother and daughter walk in their neighborhood. Green shutters on adjacent home a surprising decorative choice. (Mazher Nizar, 2019. 27" x 27")

Acrylic 3: Sana'a highlands architecture and cityscape, with sayla (seasonal water channel) in the foreground. (Mazher Nizar, 2019. 28" x 21.5")

Watercolor 4: Beautiful view of a Sana'a lane with small shops, girl with mother, and minaret. (Mazher Nizar, 2020. 19" x 14")

Watercolor 5: The daily trip home from the market, Sana'a, Yemen. (Mazher Nizar, 2019. 14" x 19")

Abstract 1: Queen of Sheba with wings and flower of hope, with historical monuments. (Mazher Nizar, 2015. Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 16")

Abstract 2: Profile of Queen of Sheba with moon. (Mazher Nizar, 2014. Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 16")

Abstract 3: Queen of Sheba with small bird in her hand and fragments on her body. Gold relief, mixed media. (Mazher Nizar, 2019. 13.5" x 19.5")

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