Yemeni Classic

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We are launching a new Light Roast Classic reserve ~Jan 20. It will be a select regional lot or microlot. Pre-order now for freshest possible delivery. Or feel free to subscribe to our email list / check back then.

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NOTES on former Al-Ghayoul microlot:

Al Ghayoul: This microlot comes from a small tribal community high in the mountains of Hajja (annual production 6 - 7 tons)
The tribesmen in this community are not keen on change but over the last three years our coffee supplier has earned their respect and trust by dealing with them fairly and honestly. The farmers receive upwards of $7/lb for their coffee, which reflects the quality and care of their work. Last year, a few farmers indicated they would like to implement pruning methods new to them as well as raised beds for drying. Your purchase supports this.
Heirloom coffee plants from old stock mean mean these beans are small but bursting with flavor

 "We buy Al-Ghayoul in dried cherry for $5.46-5.57 USD per Kg directly from the farmers who grow it. The exportable yield on it is around 35% which means that before we pay employees, bills or even the cost of bringing it from their mountain to the mill we are paying $15.60-15.91 USD per Kg to the farmers. While having this information does not make our coffees any less expensive, I think understanding the "why" of our pricing is helpful - especially as you market the coffees."

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