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Bursting with flavor and telling an incredible story. If you want to truly understand Yemeni coffee, then you need a bag of Yemeni light (12 oz bag).

    • One of our owner's favorite coffees.
    • Brew tip: Use water well off-boil (~195 °F / ~5 minutes off-boil). This is a delicate coffee!
    • Tasting notes: It's delicious & straightforward, and arguably subtle & restrained. There are the usual notes of citrus, tart cherry, and a rustic, winey/tannic mouthfeel. It's like our microlot but with the volume turned down. If you want Yemeni coffee without the bells and whistles, this is it. These are the famed, old-world production techniques.
    • This is a Haraaz Cooperative® coffee from the Haraaz mountains (until ~May 2021)
    • Get 2 oz sample
    • When you open the bag you'll be greeted by small, irregular heirloom beans. They're not the most well sorted and the color is mottled; but what it lacks in uniformity it upgrades in flavor.
    • The beans are grown in Yemen's mountainous west at 1500 - 2100 meters. A network of small holder producers meticulously grow and harvest this heirloom coffee by hand, and dry it in the sun. It is then carefully milled and packaged for export.
    • Splurge and get our Reserve Light

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Heimo S.
United States United States
Always appreciated!

As we’re spending a lot of time at home during this period I really appreciate the ease of getting this world-class coffee at a reasonable price from you. Thank you!

Vicky H.
United States United States
Real tasty..

Very bold flavor for the light roast. I do pour over and the grounds are just right for it. I’ve enjoyed every cup. Nice personal touch with the hand written note from Anda, too.

Heimo S.
United States United States
Great, as always!

I appreciate being able to just order such great coffee, and I do hope the situation in Yemen will calm down now, with the US hopefully taking a more supportive stance to the plight in that country!

A Al Mokha Customer
David M.
United States United States
Excellent coffee

I am intermediate coffee snob, so I have some experience, but not the most knowledgeable. It was at a friend's urging that I had to try Yemeni coffee. I'm happy I did. The light roast was definitely better than the medium. It is more complex and fruity. It seemed like medium took out some of the personality of the bean (though still very good). I brewed with drip and with moka pot, the moka pot, preferred the moka. The coffee is superb and I like the goals of the company, but the price point is too high for me. I have found really good specialty coffee at half the cost. Al Mokha is affordable for Yemeni coffee, but its out of my humble budget. Thank you for great experience.

zubin e.
United States United States
Excellent coffee

Yemen coffee is our new favorite! Will be ordering regularly. Thanks

Todd D.
United States United States
Hooked on Yemeni

We have been buying nothing but Yemeni coffee since seeing a story about Yemeni coffee on CBS Sunday Morning back in 2017. Al Mokha's Yemeni Light is our daily go-to coffee, but we also love the medium roasts, and particularly enjoy treating ourselves to the special reserves from different districts and regions in Yemen.

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