Yemeni Med-Dark

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Coffee Roast Level Espresso (med/dark)

A Medium-Dark roast is an odd beast. You go to Starbucks and buy a blonde roast and it will taste similarly roasted to this coffee. But if you go hang out with the coffee aficionados at Counter Culture, they'll call the same thing an extra-dark roast. So how can a light roast be extra dark? Perspective. That said, we can safely call this a med-dark.

    • From an Al Mokha perspective, this coffee is 1/3 of the way past our Yemeni Medium towards our Yemeni Dark.
    • It's smooth, with rustic hints of citrus, tart cherry, and cocoaIt's a classic example of Yemeni coffee. One customer described it as, has a nice zip to it.
    • When brewed an an espresso, you'll have a punchy extraction that is perfect alone or in a cappuccino or latte. (looking for a bright, third-wave espresso? get our medium)
    • Compared to November's Burrai Med-Dark, this is not quite as dark.
    • Buy 2 oz sample
    • Splurge and upgrade to our Reserve Medium or Dark
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Notes on former Burrai Med-Dark: –When brewed as a cup, this coffee seems to defy description as it dances across the tongue. It's not quite dried orange peels and citrus like the Yemeni medium; it's not quite dry cocoa notes like the Yemeni dark; yet it has the common element of a rustic, tantalizing, tanic mouthfeeel with a natural sweetness peaking through. –A regional lot coffee from Yemen's Burra mountains. This highland region overlooks the Tehama coast and port city of Hodeidah.

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