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You're probably here cause you want the real thing, and that's what we're serving up. Literally a 50/50 blend of Yemeni Mokha and Island Java. Yep, the most storied blend of all time.

If you're not familiar, Mokha-Java is probably the most famous coffee blend out there. How so? Yemen monopolized the world coffee trade for 250 years, starting in 1450. Lo and behold, in 1699 that monopoly ended, when on the Indonesian Island of Java, the Dutch began coffee production. That was the World's Second Coffee.

As the Dutch sailing ships brought Java coffee home, they swung by Yemen's port city of Mokha, and got the original stuff. And you can imagine what came next. Once the coffee reached Europe, it was only natural to experiment and create a Mokha-Java blend.

The whole story is actually amazing and you should read the blog post here: The Secret to the Best Possible Mocha-Java Blend.

Tasting Notes: Single origin is amazing, but Mokha-Java showcases Yemen in a way you didn't think possible. It's not just a blend, but creation of entirely new smoothness and complexity. 

  • Medium: Mild cherry notes and piquant earthiness. (Definitely more rustic than the Reserve Medium.) A pleasing, tantalizing blend that will leave you grinning. (50/50 Yemeni Mokha + Java)
  • Reserve Medium: Tasty! It's smooth, rounded, nutty, and complex. Cherry peaks through and there's layer after layer of flavors to discover and understand (savory mushrooms and more). Easy drinking but the profundity is there if you want to get lost exploring the harmony. (50/50 Yemeni reserve + Java)
  • Double Dark: Here we have a gentle delicacy of earthiness and mushrooms, combined with drier hints of structure and natural tartness peaking out. This is a rich, profound Mokha-Java speaking volumes to history that stretches back five centuries. (50/50 Yemeni Dark + Java dark + a sprinkle of lighter roasts)
  • Reserve Double Dark: Creamy, full-mouth complexity. Loamy, earthy, and reminiscent of 70% dark chocolate. Natural sweetness gives life to this reserve double dark. (50/50 Yemeni Reserve dark + Java dark + a sprinkle of lighter roasts)

Reserve Options: For extra deliciousness in the Reserve, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve. This ranges from blending multiple reserve coffees to selectively aging some beans to using a Java light roast (see the blog article for all the details!).

    Brewing Notes:

    • For the Double Dark we recommend a French Press immersion. (Coarse grind, 4-minute immersion in off-boil / 200ºF water)

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      Finally, here's a well-respected coffee critic and his thoughts on Mocha-Java blends:

      Mocha-Java Blends

      By Kenneth Davids January 1, 1998

      Buying Mocha-Java blends is like listening to jazz ensembles cover Autumn Leaves; the melody may be the same but the interpretations sure aren’t. Kevin Knox of Allegro Coffee tells a story from the early, pre-corporate days at Starbucks, when the company named its Mocha-Java blend “Revolutionary” Mocha-Java. Revolutionary because people were actually told what was in it.

      Both the enduring popularity of the Mocha-Java blend and its various controversies are wrapped up in early coffee history. Consequently, I need to revisit some of that history here. Old coffee hands may want to skip a couple of paragraphs. Regardless, I will not bring in Kaldi and the dancing goats.

      Mocha-Java is the world’s oldest recorded coffee blend. There is a simple reason for this: Mocha (from the rugged, fertile southern tip of the Arabian peninsula, now part of the Republic of Yemen) was the world’s first commercial coffee, and Java (from the then-Dutch colony in what is now Indonesia) was more or less the second.

      See posting here

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