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You're probably here cause you want the real thing, and that's what we're serving up. Literally a 50/50 blend of Yemeni Mokha and Island Java.

(Blog post: The Secret to the Best Possible Mocha-Java Blend)

Tasting Notes: Single origin is amazing, but Mokha-Java showcases Yemen in a way you didn't think possible. It's not just a blend, but creation of entirely new smoothness and complexity (select Reserve or Regular blend).

Reserve Options:

  • Reserve Light-Med: Insanely tasty, smooth, and fruity and chocolaty.
  • Reserve Medium: Tasty and conspicuously complex. Full-mouth, hard to pin down tannic, cherry, moody, blending of Mokha and Java. Easy drinking with so much more to discover.
  • Reserve Double Dark: Creamy, full-mouth complexity. Loamy, earthy, and reminiscent of powdered cocoa. Natural sweetness gives life to this reserve dark.

Regular Options:

  • Regular Light-Med: History in a cup. It's simple but ever so complex.
  • Regular Medium: Mild cherry notes and piquant earthiness. (Definitely more rustic than the Reserve Medium.) A pleasing, tantalizing blend that will leave you grinning.
  • Regular Double Dark: Candy sweetness, drier hints of structure, and flowing flavors. This is both a simple and exciting Mokha-Java speaking volumes to history that stretches back five centuries.

Java Only: Get a 12 oz bag of just the Java.

Reserve Notes: For extra deliciousness in the Reserve, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. This ranges from blending multiple reserve coffees to selectively aging some beans to using a Java light roast (see the blog article for all the details!).

Brewing Notes:

  • For the Double Dark we recommend a French Press immersion. (Coarse grind, 4-minute immersion in off-boil / 200ºF water)

More History:

If you're not familiar, Mokha-Java is probably the most famous coffee blend out there. How so? Yemen monopolized the world coffee trade for 250 years, starting in 1450. Lo and behold, in 1699 that monopoly ended, when on the Indonesian Island of Java, the Dutch began coffee production. That was the World's Second Coffee.

As the Dutch sailing ships brought Java coffee home, they swung by Yemen's port city of Mokha, and got the original stuff. And you can imagine what came next. Once the coffee reached Europe, it was only natural to experiment and create a Mokha-Java blend.

Learn more on our blog: The Secret to the Best Possible Mocha-Java Blend.

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